“All we want is to pray and live God’s plan,” I argued.

“If God’s plan means hiding away in the mountains while the rest of the world gets to live, then I think I’d be questioning things a little more,” Bastian replied through clinched teeth.

“We’re not hiding—”

“Yes, you are. That’s exactly what you’re doing. But why? What do you need to be protected from? Or maybe you need to ask yourself what it is that you don’t want the rest of the world to see,” Bastian countered.

I was feeling flustered. I wasn’t used to such combativeness. That wasn’t our way. We were all here because we believed in Pastor’s ways. Believed in the life he built for us.

All of us but Bastian.

“The world isn’t all bad, Sara. It really isn’t. There’s so much good. So much beauty. And you’re missing it all,” he said softly.


As if it broke his heart.

Yet, I didn’t believe him.

I wouldn’t.

If I thought for just one minute anything he said was true…

Something started to break inside me. I couldn’t stop it.

Once it began to shatter, there would be no putting it back together again.



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