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When I start a book, I always write the ending first. I have to know where the story is going from the very beginning.

One Day Soon was no exception.

But this time, things didn’t quite go as planned. The difference between One Day Soon and every other book I’ve ever written is that the ending totally changed by the time I got to the last chapter. That never happens for me. So I was a little surprised when the ending I first wrote wasn’t the ending I published.

When I began Yoss and Imi’s story, I had a very clear idea of where these characters would end up. However, when it was time to say goodbye to them, I looked at the Epilogue I had written, and while I felt it was a true and realistic representation of what COULD have happened to them, in my heart I had to go another way.

But I wanted to share the original ending with you.

Because I wanted you to know that, in my mind, there are two endings. There are two directions Yoss and Imi’s journey could have taken them.


If you’re happy with the ending of One Day Soon, then perhaps you shouldn’t read this one.

Because as Yoss said, “a happy story doesn’t always have a happy ending.”


I watched the sky bleed and my heart was almost full.

Sometimes life was just how we planned.

Sometimes it wasn’t.

Happily ever afters came in all shapes and sizes and often times grief paved the way for true joy.

Yoss and I were never meant to last forever.

And we didn’t.

I held him until I had to let go.

I kissed him until his lips were cold.

I touched him until I could no longer feel his skin beneath my fingers.

He always said that we didn’t have to have a great life. Just a happy one.

My happy life now was in the little moments. Appreciating the red sky and the morning fog. Old movies, burnt popcorn, and Hershey’s Kisses.

My adopted daughter’s soft laugh as she reached for the necklace I always wore around my neck.

The red man with limbs askew and a story I once lived.

And in the hours between day and night I remembered his smile and the sound of his voice and I felt a love that would go on and on forever…