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I was asked by a reader to post the Christmas Extra I wrote for Book Addict Mumma last year. This is an extra little short for Jordan and Maysie fans! I hope you enjoy it!

A Bad Rep Christmas Extra

What do you get the girl who has given you the world? Clothes seemed trite, flowers hopelessly pathetic, and lingerie sort of skeevy. I was spending a lot of time trying to find that perfect gift that screamed YOU ROCK MY FUCKING UNIVERSE!

I had one special piece already planned but it needed that final something to make it epic. And that final something was what was driving me absolutely insane!

Maysie stretched out beside me, her back pressed against my front, her ass grinding into my cock, which was always hard and waiting for her. I lived in a constant state of fuck ready since meeting Maysie Ardin. She just had to blink those gorgeous eyes of hers and it was all systems go.

“Mmm. Good morning,” she purred, looking at me over her shoulder in that sleepy sexy way that got my heart pumping. I never got used to waking up with her in my arms. It still seemed like a fucking dream that we were here, together. After all the messed up shit we went through, I wasn’t sure I deserved this slice of heaven I’d found.

My arm was wrapped around her waist and I squeezed her tighter. I swept her hair back and kissed the nape of her neck, letting my lips linger against the skin that smelled like sweat and sex and all Maysie.

My tongue darted out to taste her and she moaned deep in her throat in that way that let me know she was just as ready for me as I was for her. We were always in synch. We read each other’s bodies instinctually. We responded only for each other. And my heart belonged totally and completely to the girl who rolled over to wrap herself around me.

How did I get so lucky?

“I don’t want to leave,” Maysie whispered, kissing the base of my throat, her hands moving up the bare skin of my back. We were naked. Every second we were alone since going on tour with the band had been sans clothing. Maysie had made it a requirement when she had agreed to go on the road with us.

“If I have to share a van with the four of you, then you had better make it worth my while,” she had teased before we had left Bakersville, Virginia, where we both lived until she had graduated from Rinard College in December. I had been hesitant about her abandoning ship (aka her best friend Riley) before the end of the school year but my girl was insistent that her life was with me.

What guy could say no to that? Particularly when it’s said by the most amazing girl I had ever met?

My hands ventured south, cupping her ass. I pulled her up and Maysie straddled me. She was wet and warm and rubbing against my cock. I knew exactly where this would end up. Consider me one happy fella.

I rolled us so that Maysie was pinned beneath me and I was between her thighs. I propped myself up on my elbows and looked down at my girlfriend. Her brown hair was fanned out on the pillow, her eyes hooded and hot. Her body gave me an instant hard on but it was her heart that made me want to throw my life at her feet. It was her mind that made me want to give her anything and everything she wanted. It was the entire package that had me planning our future.

This woman was my life. She was my world. She was my everything.

I kissed her chin, nipping the skin with my teeth. Maysie arched her back and without another thought I slowly slid inside her. Each and every time it was like coming home. We fit together as though we had been made for each other.

“I wish we never had to leave this bed,” I rasped between thrusts. Maysie moved with me, rolling her hips in that way that drove me wild.

Her nails scrapped down my back and I took a fistful of hair, pulling her head back, exposing her long, slender throat. My tongue and lips devoured. I would never get tired of the taste of her.

“I love you, Jordan,” Maysie moaned as I pushed deeper inside her tight body. Her words were my undoing. They always were. I came loudly and violently just as she shuddered her own release around me.

Afterward we lay tangled in each other. I lazily threaded my fingers through her hair, her head pressed over my heart where it beat erratically under her cheek.

Only ever for her.

“I wish I didn’t have to go to my parents’ for Christmas,” Maysie murmured, tracing her fingertip along the ridge of my abdomen, making me squirm. I captured her hand and playfully bit down. She giggled, making me smile. But the reminder that in a few days she would be leaving for South Carolina for a week made me less than happy.

Her parents were not my biggest fans. And their relationship with Maysie was strained to say the least, but she had been putting off a visit for over a year. They had unscrupulously pulled out the big guns this time. Parental guilt. And not even Maysie Ardin was immune to it.

We had been on the road for almost two months. At the beginning of the year the guys and I, otherwise known as Generation Rejects, had gotten the break of a lifetime. Mitch, our bassist had a cousin who worked as a club promoter. The cousin had a friend, who had a friend who worked PR for a small, indie record label. This guy, Dougie, liked our sound and set up some gigs. Those gigs led to more gigs. Then more gigs. And they started getting bigger. And bigger.

We had started out in small, hole in the wall bars and clubs, lucky to have ten people coming out to watch us play. Now we were opening up for mid level bands at festivals and bigger venues. Some of the larger college radio stations around the country had started playing our single, Perfect Regret, which was written as an acoustic number by our lead guitarist, Garrett Bellows. We roughed it up a bit, added some killer riffs and drum runs, and now it was metaled up but with enough of a ballad side to make the chicks happy.

It was a surprise hit. People were loving it. And it was getting us noticed. Dougie said he saw big things in our future. It was exciting. And a little overwhelming. But with Maysie here, it was easy to stay grounded. She wouldn’t let me or any of the guys develop big egos. She’d kick us in the nuts followed by a punch to the gut if we even tried. She was a good stabilizer when things got crazy.

That’s why I loved her so damn much. She didn’t put up with anything. She had learned the hard way that life was too short to swallow any bullshit. The fact that I had been the source of a lot of our earlier bullshit had created serious tension in the early days of our relationship. But we had gotten over it. Moved on. And here we were, basking in the afterglow of another round of mind-blowing sex, and I knew without a doubt, this is where I wanted to be for the rest of my life.

I kissed Maysie’s temple and squeezed her tighter. “I know, baby. But you need to see your parents. It’s only a week and then you’ll fly up to spend New Year’s with me at my parents. We can make it that long,” I teased. It turned into a groan as she pressed her breasts into my chest. I could feel her hard nipples and my dick started to perk up again.

“Well, we just need to make up for it now,” Maysie grinned, her hand dipping below the blankets to curl her hand around me. I closed my eyes and nodded emphatically.

“That sounds like a good plan to me,” I said, my voice cracking as she blew my mind all over again.


“What are you getting Riley for Christmas?” I asked Garrett several hours later. Maysie and I had finally pried ourselves apart but it had taken awhile. It always did. She had gone to get us something to eat while I met up with the guys for sound check for tonight’s show. We were playing a local radio station’s Christmas show featuring fifteen bands from all around the country. Tickets had sold out weeks ago and it was set to be a hell of a good time.

Garrett was tuning his guitar, a pick between his teeth. My buddy and roommate had been dating Maysie’s best friend, Riley, for almost a year. They were an odd couple and I could admit that at first, I was pretty sure it wouldn’t last. I’m happy to say I was completely and totally wrong.

“I got us tickets to some play she wanted to see. It’s been sold out for months, but I snagged a pair awhile back. I’m going up to her mom’s for Christmas, she doesn’t know I’m coming,” Garrett said. He could have been telling me about the latest football stats for all the emotion he put into his statement. But I knew he loved that girl. As much as I loved Maysie.

I tapped my drumsticks on my knee. Well that hadn’t been any help.

“Having trouble coming up with a gift for the little misses?” Cole asked, sitting down on the stage beside me.

“What about Vivian? You getting her anything?” I countered, knowing the answer I’d get.

Cole cupped his junk. “This is her Christmas gift, right here,” he waggled his tongue, looking like a fucking idiot. Garrett punched him in the nuts, causing our lead singer to crunch up in a ball.

“Dude, what the fuck?” Cole groaned, looking a little green.

“Stop being such a douchebag, you give douchebags a bad name,” Garrett told him, already turning back to finish tuning his guitar.

Cole adjusted himself and winced. “Many women will be very unhappy if you mess with the jewels,” he grinned in that self-satisfied way of his that just asked for a fist in the mouth.

I loved my band members. I really did. But I could admit I liked some better than others. Yes, I played favorites.

Cole and I had never been friends. He and Garrett were tight in high school. I met Garrett and Mitch after moving to Bakersville for college. While Garrett, Mitch and I were close, my relationship with Cole was one out of mutual acquaintance. Not because we actually chose to be friends. He was a decent guy when he wasn’t playing big dick. But I had a feeling a lot of the arrogant prick act covered up some serious low self-esteem.

“So you’re not getting anything for the girl you’ve been fucking regularly for over a year? She doesn’t deserve a box of chocolate or something?” Mitch piped up from across the room.

Cole frowned. “We’re not like that. She gets it,” he said, though he sounded unsure. And he should be. I was pretty confident he and Vivian were on very different pages.

I had felt bad for Vivian at first. Though my patience for the Cole/Vivian free for all was waning. There was only so much screaming, fighting and public fucking you could stomach on a regular basis. They exhausted me and I wasn’t the one dating either of them. It made me appreciate what I had with Maysie even more.

But Vivian really was a great girl. She was one of the few chicks in Chi Delta, Maysie’s former sorority, who had stood by my girl when shit hit the fan with my ex, Olivia. Sure Viv played the drama queen pretty fucking well. But I knew, just like everyone else (but Cole apparently), that she was crazy about our moronic lead singer. I had a feeling that Cole would figure it out when it would be too late to do anything about it. Because I didn’t think any girl could put up with Cole’s man whorish ways indefinitely.

“Still kinda fucked up, man,” Garrett stated matter a factly. Cole’s face darkened as he thought about it. You could see the wheels turning, he was giving it thought. But then the shitty side of his personality seemed to take over and he grinned again.

“I’ll give her a good Christmas pounding, that’s gift enough,” he leered. What a freaking jackass.

I turned to Mitch who was shaking his head. “What about you? You getting anything for Gracie?” Mitch bowed his head and I knew it was a touchy subject. Gracie and Mitch had been dancing the “just friends” line for a long time. Mitch was crazy in love with that girl. And Gracie…well…she was just a little bit crazy. She was going through a lot of shit and good ol’ trusty Mitch, was loyal to the core.

“I got her a necklace that I saw in a shop when we were in Chicago last month,” Mitch muttered. Garrett and I shared a look. He saw what was going on. We all did. It was pretty fucking sad.

“That’s cool,” I said, not saying anything more about Gracie.

Garrett finished with his guitar and put it on the stand by his amp. “Stop stressing about it. Whatever you get her, Maysie will dig. She’s cool like that,” he said, as though it were the easiest thing in the world to find a gift for the love of your life.


After the show, Maysie and Vivian (who had flown in yet again to see Cole, who was primed and ready to be crowned dickhead of the year) went to a bar with the rest of the guys. I told her I’d catch up with them later. She gave me a funny look but I had kissed her soundly and sent her on her way.

I got in a cab and took off for downtown Toledo. Ohio wasn’t exactly the epicenter for culture, but after my not so helpful talk with the guys, I had looked through the yellow pages and found a shop that just may have what I was looking for. Something unique and perfect. Just like Maysie.

The owner of the shop stayed open later than usual and helped me find something that I hoped like hell Maysie would love. The owner assured me it would be ready in a couple of days.

Maysie was leaving for South Carolina on Friday, so I needed the present before then. I paid the guy extra to rush it.

I met everyone at the bar where drinks were flowing and the drama was just getting started.

I walked up behind Maysie, who was sat at the bar, and slipped an arm around her waist. She leaned back into me and tilted her head up so I could kiss her lips.

“Where’d you disappear to?” she asked. I ran my tongue along her lip, getting incredibly turned on by the taste of vodka and lip-gloss on her mouth.

“Don’t worry about it,” I answered evasively. Maysie frowned but let it go. Vivian was watching Cole across the bar flirting with a couple of girls. Garrett sat on Viv’s other side, nursing his beer. He rarely drank anymore. And it had been almost a year since I had seen him smoke anything. I knew that had everything to do with Riley Walker. I’m glad she got him to quit. He was a lot cooler when he wasn’t stoned out of his mind.

“Just go find someone else, Viv. Cole will never be Mr. Monogamy. You need to get that fairy tale out of your head right now,” Garrett told her, not pulling any punches. I suppose that’s why he and Riley were good together. Both seemed to lack a filter.

Vivian’s mouth pinched into a line, her eyes flashing. She downed the rest of her drink. “Fuck this,” she grumbled, slamming the glass onto the bar. She pushed her chair back, sending it crashing to floor, and stomped off toward Cole, who had his tongue down some brunette’s throat.

“Shit just got real,” Garrett muttered, shaking his head.

“I should go stop her,” Maysie said, getting to her feet but I pulled her to my side.

“Just leave ‘em to it. They both get off on this. We’ll stop ‘em if it starts getting ugly. Otherwise, let her go,” I told her. I didn’t want to spend my night watching Maysie play shoulder to cry on for Vivian. It’s not that I was being callous, but Vivian was a big girl, she knew what she was getting into with Cole. It’s like watching someone run into a brick wall over and over again. The first time you feel bad for them, but when they keep doing it, you chalk it up to a case of the stupids.

“Let’s get out of here,” I whispered into my girlfriend’s ear. She was focused on Vivian and Cole who were making quite a scene. Vivian had shoved the girl Cole had been kissing on her ass and had slapped Cole…hard. He had grabbed Vivian’s wrist and was yelling in her face.

“Get ready for it,” Garrett said blandly. Then he and I started the count down together.

“Five. Four. Three. Two. One.”

And then Cole and Vivian were sucking face. And what had been a bad episode of Jerry Springer had turned into the amateur porn hour.

Maysie sighed and rolled her eyes. “Yeah, let’s get out of here.”


I had gotten the call from the shop owner later in the day on Thursday, telling me the gift was ready. I had snuck out after sound check to pick it up. Maysie had gone out Christmas shopping for her parents. She had tried to drag me along with her but I had made the excuse that the band had songs to go over before the show tonight.

After getting her gift I went and picked up the final part of her present, which I had been carrying around for almost six months now, and then checked into the five star hotel across town. We had been staying at the Motel 6 with the other guys since coming to Toledo, Ohio and while it was great just being together, tonight needed to be special.

I had packed a bag of Maysie’s things and taken it over to the hotel. I was a nervous wreck. It was crazy how this girl could bring me to my knees so easily without even trying.

After the sold out show, I evaded interviews with the local paper and the throngs of people that were waiting for us after we were finished. I left the schmoozing to Cole.

“Come on,” I said, taking Maysie by the hand. She and Vivian had been tucked into a dark corner at the back of the bar to watch the show. I always made sure to find her before we started playing, because each and every song was for her.

“Where are we going?” Maysie asked in surprise. I was sweaty and probably smelled less than stellar, but I couldn’t wait another moment to get my girl alone. It was time to get our Christmas celebration started.

“Just get your stuff, baby. No questions,” I teased, giving her a smile that I knew she could never resist.

Her face softened and she said goodbye to Vivian, who was already looking for Cole. She grabbed her bag and let me tug her across the bar to the rear exit. I pulled out my cell phone and called a cab. People tried to stop me, but I politely blew them off. This night was not about me. Or Generation Rejects. It was about Maysie. And starting our future.

My stomach was twisted in knots. I wasn’t entirely sure why I was freaking out so badly. Did I really think Maysie would hate my present? She loved me. So she would like whatever I gave her, right? So long as it wasn’t power tools or a vacuum cleaner, I thought I was good.

But it was the implication of my gift that had me feeling the need to vomit.

Maysie laughed as I pulled her outside. “Why are we in such a rush?” she giggled.

I put my arms around her much smaller frame and bent my head so I could press my face into the side of her neck. I breathed in the scent of her, feeling it deep in my bones. If I could burrow my way inside of her I would.

“I need you alone. Now,” I let out in a hushed tone, kissing her roughly just as the cab pulled up. We got inside and I gave the driver the address for the hotel and then sat back in the seat, holding Maysie’s hand between mine.

Her nose crinkled adorably in confusion. “That’s not our hotel. What’s going on?” I kissed her again, letting my lips linger against hers.

“Shh,” I whispered into her mouth.

We pulled up in front of the fancy hotel ten minutes later. I paid the driver and got out. Maysie followed me into the reception with her mouth agape.

“This is amazing! Are we staying here?” she asked a little breathlessly. I nodded, my grin threatening to split my face in half. Her grin was just as wide as we got onto the elevator and I hit the button for the tenth floor.

“Merry Christmas, Mays,” I said quietly before opening the door to our room. She walked inside and gasped. I had decked it out with lights and candles. I had broken the bank on flowers. They were everywhere. Soft Christmas music played from the iPod dock on the desk.

“Jordan,” she said softly. She turned to me and her eyes were wet. I reached out and wiped a tear away with my thumb.

“This is incredible,” she said, turning in a circle to see my handy work. She walked over to the desk where I had placed the wrapped present. She picked it up. It was heavy. She gave it a shake and I knew she could hear a slight rattling inside.

I crossed the room and took the present from her hands. “Later,” I said, my voice getting rough. Maysie dropped her purse to the floor and took off her coat. I threw it across the room.

What started as slow and leisurely quickly became hurried and frantic. We were naked in no time. We barely made it to the bed before I was inside her. Maysie moaned and writhed beneath me, meeting me with each thrust.

I ran my hand down between her breasts and she arched into my touch. She was so uninhibited, so raw and open. I loved this woman with every fiber of my being.

“I love you, Maysie. I love you forever,” I growled as I pounded into her. She gasped and quivered as she came and I quickly fell off the cliff with her. We lay together afterward, my dick still buried inside her warm body as we talked about everything and nothing at all. That was the amazing beauty of our relationship. We could be simple together. Even after sharing the intensity we had just experienced.

A little while later, after a long shower that involved soap and hands and more crazy sex, I handed her the gift I had gotten her. Maysie’s face lit up like the lights that I had hung from the walls. I was so goddamned nervous.

She took her time tearing open the wrapping paper. Finally, my present lay in her lap. “Oh Jordan, it’s gorgeous,” she said on a sigh. She ran a finger along the wooden music box, caressing the music notes carved onto the lid.

“Open it,” I told her.

Slowly she lifted the lid and it started playing a melody. She frowned, trying to place it. I knew the moment it hit her because her smile became blinding. She looked up at me with tears sliding down her face.

“It’s our song,” she murmured. I nodded, feeling suddenly and uncharacteristically shy. The song was the one I had written for Maysie after we had broken up. The one I played for her the night we got back together.

We could have our tomorrow
We could have our dreams,
My future is wrapped up in you,
Even as my heart bleeds.

I sang the words to her while the tinkling song played.

“Stop running, girl.” Maysie sang just as quietly. Her eyes sparkled as she looked down at the box in her hands.

“I stopped running a long time ago, you know,” she joked, sniffling and wiping away her tears.

I pulled her into my lap and kissed the skin where her neck met her shoulder. “This was our beginning,” I told her and then handed her the smaller present that had been tucked inside the music box.

“And this is our future,” I said, my voice cracking.

Maysie’s breathing became heavy as she looked at the package in my hands. She gingerly took it from me. She was less slow to open this one. The wrapping fell away to reveal a small blue box.

“Jordan,” she whispered.

I took the box from her hands and opened it, revealing the diamond ring inside.

“You are my forever, Maysie Ardin. You are my always. You are every song I write. You are the music in my veins. You are every beat of my heart. Will you marry me?” I asked, my hands shaking, my heart pounding.

Maysie was sobbing and I started to freak out. She wasn’t answering me. Why wasn’t she saying anything?

“Mays?” I asked, choking on her name in my throat. What if she said no? What if she wasn’t ready for this step? God, I’m such a fucking idiot to ask her while we were buck ass naked. Was that sleazy and not romantic like it had seemed in my head?

But then she stopped crying and took the ring out of the box, handing it to me. “Put it on me?” she asked, her eyes bright with tears.

With trembling fingers I took the ring and slid it on her hand. “Is that a yes?” I dared to ask her.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and rubbed my nose with hers. “That’s a hell yes!” she giggled.